Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No. 30

11 Oct


October 11, 2016

What a beautiful fall season we are still experiencing.  This is a good timing to changing our wardrobes from summer to winter.   Most importantly, is your own body (immune system) preparing for the change of season?   Example:    good hearty congee filled with your favorite vegetables/meat/seafood, or simple remedy of a glass of lemon water with a teaspoon of Terumic powder each day. Those are ones of the many ways to improve your overall health while the season is still changing.     

For those who missed Hepatitis workshop in June, you can still get the presentation material through your support staffs.  The workshop is well attended with over 29 attendees and many of the participants find the information is well worth but they also enjoy engagement with socialization with their peers while they enjoy the three -course meal at Young Thailand restaurant.

At our work shop on August 19, 2016, we had two skillful and experienced speakers on the topics of “Astrology in the meaning of life”, followed by  “Life insurance for people living HIV”.  The presentation is interesting. If you need any presentation material from the private insurance, please contact your support workers.  Mr. Wayne Chadioff is offering his time to provide a one-on-one private consultation to review your financial planning or life insurance, if you need to get an appointment with Mr. Chadioff, please contact me directly.

We are continuing fostering our relationship with Oxford College.  They extend their denture program to all ACAS clients.  A small amount of service fee will be applied to clients who need full or partial set of denture.  If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Mr. Dennis Lam is one of our fund raisers.  Dennis allied ACAS with Rotaract Club early this year and through their fundraising campaign they raised $2000.00 for ACAS Health Promotion program.    Our sincere thank you  to Dennis and Rotaract club!

Please look out for the invitation of our upcoming Health Promotion event presented by Ms. Melanie Bisnauth on title: “Evaluating a Community-Based Exercise Intervention to Improve the Health among Adults Living with HIV”. A research study project funded by O.H.T.N. and C.I.H.R..  Melanie will give you an overview on how to participate in this project.

Do you know there is new application named “HIV Storylines”? If you’d like to get more information please contact: HIV Health Storylines This online application, I find it helpful since I can reach out to many participants who share the same episodic illness, where we can learn and share our successful and challenging experiences through our stories.

As below I like to share an article on beneficial of flax seeds, researched by Vivian Gomez, a student from the Naturopathic school.

Kenneth Poon – Health Promotion Worker

download healthnews_issue30 (.pdf file)


Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds may have health benefits if consumed regularly. The heart health benefits attributed to flax seed consumption include lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol. The omega 3 content of flax is assumed to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels. Flax seeds have also been linked to cancer prevention. (1)  The lignin’s in flax may improve digestive health and may benefit hormonal related symptoms in menopause. (2)

The health benefits of flax seed consumption are thought to occur with at least two tablespoons daily. Flax seeds can be purchased as whole seeds or pre-ground. Flax seed oil, which can be used on salads or in other foods, should be consumed raw, not cooked. Keep in mind is that whole seeds have shelf life. Ground seeds need to be consumed more quickly and it is best to keep these refrigerated to conserve their beneficial properties.  There are so many ways to consume flax seeds. Be creative, by sprinkling them in salads, stir fry’s, smoothies, and yogurt. You can also use them in your baking for instance in muffins and cookies.

download healthnews_issue30 (.pdf file)

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