Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No. 41

15 Mar

year of pig

Dear Clients and friends,

The snow is finally starting to melt, and Spring is just around the corner! As the days get longer it’s time to get out and about again! The year Pig is underway, so it’s time to pamper yourselves a little and indulge in some of the things that make you happy.

The Community Educational Workshops have just begun in this March. It was nice to see you come out and I hope to continue to see even more of you in May.

On March 29th we will have a social gathering with dancing, live performance, and a DJ. Please see below for the program. This is a good opportunity to get out, have some fun, get physical and mingle! Spread the word to all your friends and family. Everyone is welcome!

ETSN training level I is happening at the end of March in case you miss the email from the support staff. It is a very helpful training tool to support yourself and peers and to give you information on HIV. I encourage everybody to seek this training.

Our next workshop in the series will be held in May, the exact date will be confirmed later. The topic will be on Resilience and Coping Skills, and we have a great speaker coming so I encourage you all to attend.

In May, we are staring a restorative massage yoga in partner with Lululemon. This will begin on May 7th and continue every Tuesday from 6-8pm includes dinner, light refreshments. This yoga will help support your physical flexibility, a gentle massage and clear your mind. Lululemon also generally donated some valuable prices for their products for those who sign up for all 4 weeks. Not only are you working with a professional instructor from Lululemon but you are also supporting one of your peers who will be the assistant and has gone through the yoga training.

We are very fortunate that we have secured some funding for The Positive Asian Legend Project for those who are over 40 years of age. There are requests from the older generation for social community events such as shared cooking, self-care on a budget such as preparing shower gel, lip balms etc. While we socialize, we can also learn more about each other. This project will be launched in June.

Have a wonderful spring and sign up for a great year of fun and knowledge.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth Poon

Health Promotion Coordinator (647) 278-3835


Upcoming Poz-TO MINGLE Dance/HIV+ Social Event and fundraiser for OPA+


The OPA+ Advisory Committee would like to invite you, members of the Toronto Tongzhi Club, to our upcoming Poz-TO MINGLE Dance/HIV+ Social Event and fundraiser for OPA+. Please kindly share this with your networks and we hope to see you on March 29!

SAVE THE DATE if you want to meet, mix, have a fun time and boogie down with a chill mixed serostatus crowd with energetic beats by DJ Sumation and performance by host Jade Elektra all for a good cause in support of Ontario Positive Asians – OPA+!

PRESENTING THE Poz-TO Mingle #HIV Social Event in support of Ontario Positive Asians – OPA+!


Venue: Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
DATE: Friday, March 29, 2019
TIME: 7pm to 10pm
NO COVER (Suggested donation $10)
Note: Folks already at the Poz-TO Mingle Event will not be charged by the venue if you wish to stay for that evening’s dance event organized by Juicey Moon Productions which starts at 10:30pm.
Facebook event link:

Hosted by Toronto’s very own Jade Elektra with music by special guest DJ Sumation where he will be spinning diverse Asian music and retro tunes and a 50/50 raffle draw, the dance event encourages poz and ally community members to mingle and raise funds for a good cause.

MINGLE is a social event for the #HIV+ Community and their allies. It is also a fundraiser for Toronto’s local HIV/AIDS Services Organizations. Poz-TO & POZPLANET will be partnering with different organizations each month to raise funds and also awareness. We hope these events will help in the fight against the stigma attached to living with HIV and serve as a support for our community. This is a 19+ event.

Ontario Positive Asians (OPA+) is an independent network of self-identified East, Southeast, South and West Asians/Middle Eastern people living with HIV in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. Our aim is to create culturally-safe spaces and promote peer-based learning amongst our members. If you are not an existing OPA+ Member, please complete the following OPA+ membership form:

Please share this with your networks and bring your friends to dance the evening away! See you on March 29 at MINGLE for OPA+!

OPA+顾问委员会在此邀请你们,多伦多同志俱乐部的成员们,来参加我们即将举行的Poz-TO MINGLE热舞 / HIV+社交和OPA+募捐活动。请帮助我们将有关消息在你的社交圈中分享,期待在3月29日与你相见!

如果你想遇见新朋友、与很酷的一群人一起放松、度过一段快乐时光,并享受来自DJ Sumation 和主持人Jade Elektra的精彩表演,请务必留出时间来加入我们,让我们一起支持Ontario Positive Asians(安大略省阳性亚裔社区) – OPA+!

快来参加Poz-TO Mingle #HIV社交活动吧,让我们一起支持Ontario Positive Asians(安大略省阳性亚裔社区) – OPA+!

活动场地:Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
日期:2019年3月29日 周五
备注:已经参加Poz-TO Mingle活动的伙伴们如果想留下参与接下来在10:30pm由Juicey Moon Productions组织的热舞活动,主办方将不再收取费用。

由多伦多当地名人Jade Elektra主持,特别嘉宾DJ Sumation提供音乐。为你带来一场不同寻常的亚洲音乐风暴,现场还会有幸运抽奖!这场热舞活动鼓励阳性及伙伴社区成员参与,为我们共同的美好目标筹集资金。

MINGLE是一个专为#HIV+社区及其盟友们举办的社交活动。它同时也是多伦多当地HIV/AIDS服务组织的资金募集活动。Poz-TO & POZPLANET每个月将与不同的组织合作进行资金募集和推广。我们希望通过这些活动帮助我们抵抗针对HIV的歧视,并对社区服务加以巩固。本活动针对19岁以上人群。


请在你的社交圈中分享我们的这次活动,带着你的朋友们热舞一整夜!期待在3月29日的OPA+ MINGLE活动中与你相见!


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