About Us


Our goals is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) by collaborating with other ACAS programs and related community partners to deliver holistic and culturally appropriate continuum services to meet the unique needs of our service users.


We offer a wide range of program and services to support and empower PHAs to cope and live with HIV/AIDS and to enhance their knowledge and skills to facilitate self-care and making positive changes to their lives.


The Support Program provides confidential and quality services to meets the needs of our service users. We also provide gender specific activities for HIV+ Asian women.

Emotional Support

  •         Case management
  •         One-on-one counselling
  •         Treatment information
  •         Lose, grief and bereavement
  •         Peer / Buddy Volunteer support
  •         Referrals
  •         Advocacy

Practical Support

  •         Accompanies to appointments
  •         Assist with Income Support (eg. OW & ODSP)
  •         Assist with Social Housing
  •         Home and hospital visit
  •         Asian Language Interpreting

Social Support

  •         Clients Social Events
  •         Women’s Specific Social Activities
  •         Annual PHA Retreat

Community Development program

  •         Computer Training
  •         Peer Mentorship Program
  •         Peer Buddy Volunteer Program
  •         Health Promotional Forum and Workshop

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