Health Promotion Newsletter Issue 39

29 Oct


Dear Clients and friends,

Fall is well underway, we hope you stay bundled up as the weather gets cooler. Try to get out and enjoy the changing leaves and cozy October atmosphere. Engage your peers and friends and make the most of your time.

Thank you for coming out, it was nice to see most of you at the last 2 educational workshops on Toxicities of HIV medications and HIV & Anal Cancer. If you still want to have a handout of the presentation material, please check with your support staff or myself and we would be more than happy to send it to you.

We have some exciting events coming up that we hope you will join us:

On November 20th, there will be a townhall meeting at 590 Church St. Community Center, starting at 5:30 pm. This will be about Toronto moving towards a fast track city for 90-90-90 and how they are proceeding towards this endgame.

On November 21st we have a social gathering with OPA. Please wait for the invitation from Sucre Lee.

Health Promotion Update:

October 16th, during the Anal Cancer workshop at Lisa Marie Gastropub, we received feedback that there was not enough food for everyone and the start time was a bit late. We have addressed our concerns to the director of operations at Lisa Marie who expressed apologies to all service users. They mentioned that this will not happen the next time and that everyone will have enough food.

On November 26th, we are having a small fundraising event for World AIDS Day. The invitation will be sent out shortly. We hope you can all join us for this special evening. The theme for this year will be: Remembering our History and Building our Future – Moving towards 90-90-90 and Beyond. We will have some of our peers share their stories lived experiences for the first time and I thank them in advance for their bravery and courage. We will be holding this event at Lisa Marie Gastropub again, but don’t worry, there will be no need to eat before coming this time! If you have any guests that would like to come, please share the link with them.

On November 29th, we will hold our Last Macro Workshop – Update on treatment and medications in HIV. The speaker will be Dr. Alice Tseng from Toronto General Hospital. She is the head pharmacist at the Immunodeficiency Clinic. This is a great opportunity to learn about existing medications and the new frontiers that will be coming soon. The venue will be at Bumpkins Restaurant on Gloucester St. Please wait for the invitation.

Lastly, we have received a Positive Innovation Grant from ViiV Healthcare under the title of A Sip of C.A.R.E.- Confidence, Achieving 90/90/90, Reaching out, Engaging. This project aims to use life coaching skills to engage community members within ACAS to set and reach life goals and improve quality of life beyond just managing HIV. We will start recruiting those interested in becoming peer coaches for training in December. Please look out for the application, and if you are qualified there will be compensation as well.

In the News:

Please find a new article in the news for your interest. The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has taken a novel initiative and brave step in covering PrEP.

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth Poon

Health Promotion Coordinator

(647) 278-3835




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