Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No. 23

10 Dec

HNY2015Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday season and for the New Year to come!

We have completed our last 2014 workshop for Health Promotion in November. Overall in the past year, the attendance has steadily increased. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your participation and hope that you came away with some valuable information and life lessons.

I am pleased to announce that we have an exciting line up of Health Promotion Workshops for the New Year starting with our very first workshop in February 2015! Please watch for the upcoming invitations from your support team!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the acupuncture team (Gilbert and Connie) who have generously donated their time to ACAS. At the same time, Trillium College extended their massage program until January 2015 on Wednesdays exclusively for ACAS. With this generosity in mind, I kindly ask that you all either keep your appointments as scheduled, or give us 24 hours’ notice as these students need to make their practicum qualifications.

There is an article about new beginnings that is appropriate at this time of year. Please see the link below and enjoy!

Best Regards,

Kenneth Poon – Health Promotion Worker

download healthnews_issue23 (.pdf file)

The #1 Thing Sabotaging Your Shot At The BIG LoveBIG Lovw

If you ever feel like you’re treated as though your needs don’t matter in relationship…you are in the right place, Dear One.

If you sometimes experience a suspicion that while you’re taking care of everyone else, no one is thinking about your needs…tune in and turn on, Neighbour.

If you sometimes run monologues in your head like,

“Today, I’ve washed the walls, bought the groceries, started a small business, and planted an organic, biodynamic garden to feed my family. So why the hell is my sleep-deprived-ass in the kitchen making dinner, too?”…I hear you, Mister / Sister.

If you ever feel hesitant, guilty, or like you simply can’t say ‘no’ to other people’s demands on your time, presence, and energy…there’s something we need to discuss.

You may be suffering from a condition I call Boundary Bankruptcy – and it is the #1 thing stopping you from creating the BIG Love you want in your life.

Boundary bankruptcy is the feeling of resentment, fatigue, or victimhood resulting from prioritizing other people’s needs ahead of your own, most or all of the time.

As I suggested in an earlier article (Goodbye Relationship Martyr, Hello BIG Love), many people have bought into this idea that the BIG Love can only be achieved by giving away the farm – your needs, your dreams, your well-being – through self-sacrifice.

But the obligations, exhaustion, resignation, and the simmering “it’s not fair!” generated by your habit of saying ‘yes’ to others at your own expense…these can never add up to the BIG Love.

Oh, you might start out feeling the BIG Love – but persistently sacrificing your personal boundaries creates a steady decline until all your ‘love accounts’ are, well…bankrupt.

You can’t create the BIG Love when you’re operating from this kind of emotional and spiritual relationship deficit.

Why? [click here to keep reading]


download healthnews_issue23 (.pdf file)

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