Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No.19

16 Jan

Welcome to 2014!

First and foremost I hope that all of you have had a very good start to the new year! And in a few days it is going to be Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year for many of you) – the year of the horse. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of those celebrating this new year, a year of prosperity, good health and much love.

This year the Health Promotion program has a list of exciting workshops. This is a continuation of the relaxing atmosphere and interactive approach that we developed in 2013.

  • Our first workshop will take place on February 28, 2014 and is titled The Healthy Sexual Relationship. It will be facilitated by our long term agency partner, Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment. Our second workshop will take place March 21, 2014 and is titled HIV Hepatitis B and C. This will be facilitated by Dr. David Wong of Toronto Western Hospital. Both workshops are crucial in my opinion. The Healthy Sexual Relationship workshop will focus on how to negotiate and communicate more effectively with your sexual partner/partners. The HIV Hepatitis B and C workshop will give an overview of both strains but will focus more on Hepatitis B as that is more applicable to our culture who tend to be more exposed to Hepatitis B.
  • Also in March, we will be starting a series of mindfulness workshops facilitated by Grace Ng Listkowski. These workshops will be approached from a Buddhist point of view which I believe is very compatible with our clientele. The dates and the venues for these workshops will be confirmed by mid-February. All workshop invitations will be sent out by your support team.
  • As many of you are aware, the massage outreach program will be ending at the end of February. It will not resume until the beginning of summer, date TBC. However, in the meantime, I am in the process of negotiating with Trillium College to offer alternative solutions to a complete program stoppage.
  • Trillium College has also been generous to offer us limited services (manicure and pedicure) within their aesthetician program on site at their campus. If you are interested in booking a treatment, please kindly contact me and I will make the appointment for you.

Since this is the first newsletter of the new year, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a product line that I believe in to start off your new year on the right foot. The Bell website with 50 Natural Products that really work is found at I encourage you to have a look through their offerings.

Best Regards,

Kenneth Poon – Health Promotion Worker

download healthnews_issue19 (.pdf file)

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