Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No.16

20 Jul

sunHello every one,

I hope that everyone can still enjoy these hot sticky summer days despite the constant rain over the last couple of months! Despite the weather we have the flowers are blooming and the grass is greener and I have noticed, and hope you have too, that the streets are much cleaner thanks to the rain!

  • Pride week: The pre Pride Pink Party on June 22nd – it was nice to see a lot of you wearing pink! It was a great weather day with a lot of good food and socializing! Thanks to Amutha and Mathuvan for preparing the delicious salads that were enjoyed by all. I also have to thank Rommel for his second year of being the grill master! Good job!
  • ACAS had a great show in the parade this year with over 60 walkers! The superhero theme was a great success and if you missed the excitement, please have a look at the website for pictures of the event or contact your support staff for information.
  • We are very pleased that the pharmaceutical companies, Viiv Healthcare and Janssen are going to sponsor our first educational and wellness development two-day retreat. We are working on the details and finalizing the planning so your support staff will keep you informed when the invitations are ready to go.
  • Please put a hold on you calendars for our two big exciting macro workshops sponsored by Merck, Viiv Healthcare and Janssen. We will be presenting HIV Aging and Comobility in October. The second workshop in November will be HIV Update, Treatment and Prevention. Both presentors will be from the immune deficiency clinic at Toronto General Hospital.
  • We will be starting another partnership with Trillium College in the fall for asthetics services. These will include free hair-cuts and make-up applications to all clients of ACAS as well as volunteers. I will update you on the details when we get closer to that time. We are also very pleased that Trillium College is continuing the outreach massage program with ACAS until September. Please be sure that you contact your support worker to arrange an appointment.

This issue I do not have any health related topics to share with you. However, I do have a paragraph that gave me some enlightenment that I would like to share with all of you:


Living on the Edge of Everything

Andrew Cohen

Those who seem to be most alive, most in touch with life and their own creative powers, are individuals who are demonstrating what it means to live on the edge of their own potential. They may be musicians like the Stones, or they may be artists, writers, politicians, engineers, scientists, philosophers, or mystics.

In the way that I see it, the full glory of what it means to be alive only begins to reveal itself when we are actually on that edge. That’s when we are truly alive—consciously alive, creatively alive. That’s why I encourage everyone to push towards that edge in themselves—so that spirit’s true face, the creative force in the universe, which I call the evolutionary impulse, will reveal itself right now through you and through me.

The question is, are we close enough to our own edge so that can actually occur?


Kenneth Poon – Health Promotion Worker

download healthnews_issue16 (.pdf file)


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