Health Promotion Newsletter Issue No.9

23 Aug

• I hope everyone is back to your normal self after the pride i.e. positive thinking, fun, and enjoy the rest of the summer. Make sure you have sufficient fluid intake to keep yourself hydrated and cool for your body.

• July 13 was our initial session for the Art Party Program in partnership with ASAAP. We have over 11 participants between two organizations. The preparation to the art exercise was well prepared and cohesive. Teruma, our lead facilitator, did a fantastic job and I would like to extend it a special thank to our volunteer, Eric Kok, to help us with the set-up and recording. For those who would like to see ACAS to have our own expressive Art Program in the future, please contact your support staff or me and I will do my best to secure a similar workshop in the coming fall.

• Do you know what food is beneficial to you? Do you know what kind of cooking is good for people overall well being? On Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 490 Sherbourne FIFE House, there will be a workshop on the topic of Healthy Cooking and Nutritions. At the same time, we will also serve some barbecue on the grill. If you think any dishes that you think is healthy that you would like to share, please bring it to the workshop so that we can get a taste of it and learn the recipe. On the other hand, the nutritionist will also provide information to us what is good or bad… Meanwhile, please wait for the invitation coming up in August.

• The Chinese medicine doctor by the name of Hung Di has a few words of advice for us on how to stay healthy for the summer. Please refer to the article below for tips. 

Kenneth Poon – Health Promotion Worker

download healthnews_issue09 (.pdf file) 


Ah, summer! We’ve been waiting all winter and spring for you! How can we make great summer memories and avoid dehydration, sunburns, hangovers, and other bad events?

In The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, Huang Di, the father of Chinese Medicine tells us to enjoy the “three months of summer” where there is “an abundance of sunshine and rain.” As the Heavenly energies descend and mix with the ascending Earthly energies, “plants mature and animals, flowers and fruit appear abundantly.

What are some healthy ways to do enjoy summer according to Chinese medicine?
Huang Di has a few tips for us!

1. If possible, go to bed a bit later but still get up fairly early (compared to fall and winter).
2. Stay physically active (pay attention to the temperature – can you do your workout in the morning or evening when it is cooler?)
3. Take care of your emotions: have you been holding a grudge? Perhaps this is the time to let go and make peace. Being more easygoing can have a positive effect on your health.
4. Advice on sexual health from at least 2,000 years ago! “One should not overindulge in sex, although one can indulge a bit more than in other seasons.

Other tips:

5. Monitor your sun exposure; if you must be out at the hottest time of the day, make sure you are well hydrated, and wear sun screen and protective clothing (hat). Avoid alcohol – it is dehydrating and impairs judgment.

6. Be kind to your digestive system
a. Avoid ice water as much as possible – it puts out your ‘Digestive Fire’ (have room temperature or warm water instead)
b. If you *love* ice cream, please have a cup of ginger tea after
c. If you *love* salads, have a dressing with fresh ground black pepper, pepper flakes and/or ginger juice to ‘warm it up’

7. Enjoy the variety of foods that are grown close to home! Try a fruit or vegetable that is new to you. You might like it!
8. Take care barbequing: trim excess fat from meats (fatty foods are too heavy in the summer); do not overcook foods (excessive consumption of charred food may contribute to cancer); do not undercook (or risk ‘food poisoning’).


download healthnews_issue09 (.pdf file) 

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